Let’s craft smart regulations together

Here’s what we’d like to see from the government

Our position is not that different from the government’s. Here are a few common sense things that we have proposed to Health Canada as they shape the future of nicotine replacement therapy products and nicotine regulations in Canada.


Mandate all nicotine replacement therapy products be sold to age verified adults consumers only, who are 18 and above

ZONNIC nicotine pouches are the only licensed NRT products in Canada that are currently stored behind the counter in convenience stores with retailers requiring age-verification.  We implemented age verification voluntarily; as there are no minimum age requirements for the purchase of a natural health product (including an NRT) set out in the Food and Drugs Act or the Natural Health Product Regulations, or in any provincial legislation. We think this needs to change. 


Require all nicotine replacement therapies be stored behind the retail counter

Currently only ITCAN requires that its ZONNIC products be kept by its convenience and gas retail customers behind the counter. This means that the retail clerk staff may only hand our ZONNIC product to age verified adult customers at the time of a sales transaction. We think that all forms of NRT should require proof of age before purchase, and be stored at retail in a way that is inaccessible to minors.


Strengthen enforcement of the current laws and increase the fines and penalties to deter selling to youth

If the federal government makes it illegal for minors to purchase NRTs, it must also prioritize enforcement and implement hefty fines to stop unscrupulous individuals from breaking the law.


Put in place measures to reduce the prevalence of illegal nicotine pouches online and at physical retail locations

There is already a booming illegal nicotine pouch market in Canada, both online and at retail locations. The federal government needs to increase inspections and shut down websites and shops that sell such unauthorized products. 


Monitor and shut down any illegal promotion of nicotine pouches both online and in physical retail locations

Minors know where they can find illegal nicotine pouches through currently unsanctioned and illegal advertising. The federal government must quickly act on any promotion of unauthorized nicotine pouches.

Stand up for ZONNIC

Regulators should understand what they’re regulating. Write to Health Minister Holland and share your opinion today. We hope you’ll join us in finding better ways to help smokers quit.