You deserve to know the full story

Sometimes even the government needs to be fact checked.

Our goal is to set the record straight. Minister of Health Mark Holland has been outspoken about ZONNIC in the last few months. Here are our comments on the Minister’s public statements. It is our hope that ZONNIC helps Canadians who smoke quit and helps to lower the smoking rate to less than five percent by 2035. 

March 20 Press Conference

Minister Holland

“Let me say in the first order that when it comes to cessation, we want to see innovation.  We want to see products that are going to get people off nicotine and off of tobacco.  We know that smoking remains the number one cause of preventable death in this country.  It’s responsible for untold loss of life and for untold illness.  And so when it comes to innovating in the space of cessation, I celebrate that and want to see more of it.  But that isn’t what happened.” 

“The tobacco industry yet again used a loophole to try to create innovation in the space of cessation to get people off of these products to create a brand new line of products that addicts particularly kids to products that are deadly for their health.” 

‘’We shouldn’t be seeing flavours that are targeting kids, flavours like, you know, winter berry splash or whatever tropical fruit, whatever that they’re putting out there. We all see through it. We know what the intention is and it’s over. It’s essential and I’m seeking these authorities immediately and the conversations I’m having with provinces and territories for all cessation products, that the only flavours that should exist should be for the purposes of promoting cessation.’’

“In the second order, when it comes to marketing, I’m seeking authority to make sure that before any marketing goes out the door, that marketing comports with the approved intent of the product.  It is reprehensible to me that the tobacco industry, after being approved for a cessation product, will be putting out ads and information to try to addict kids to these products.” 

“I am talking to oral health professionals as we’re rolling out a national dental care program, and what do I hear in those conversations but that young people, under their tongue when they’re playing hockey or baseball or sports, have these products and they’re destroying their oral health.  They’re putting them at risk of cancer and all kinds of illness.  And that, these are kids who have no exposure to tobacco or nicotine before.  That’s entirely unacceptable.” 

“What we saw happening in vaping, all the illness, the death, the sickness, we cannot allow that to happen in nicotine pouches, we cannot allow this to happen in an abuse of a channel, a legitimate channel in cessation that’s been opened.  And these measures working with my provincial and territorial counterparts I’m convinced will do the work.” 

Stand up for ZONNIC nicotine pouches

Regulators should understand what they are regulating. Write to Health Minister Holland and share your opinion today.